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QiGO Internet Content Key

This is a key-shaped USB device that launches a specific Web site when plugged into a computer. It allows a user on a shared computer (i.e., at the office or in the home) to connect to a Web site and not have to worry about leaving any trace of activity. Think: no more annoying telltales from video-game or teen celebrity sites. Also, no worries about browsing porn or other adult-content destinations, because the QiGO can link users to age-appropriate sites without anyone else being able to see the content accidentally or monitor what had been accessed.


Everything goes on the keylike device’s memory, billed as being smart (for connecting users to a predetermined online destination), secure (for linking users to predetermined, private content) and dynamic (because an infinite amount of content can be unlocked without taxing the memory of the QiGO device).

“Our goal was to make the Internet tangible and intuitive while eliminating user names, passwords and PINs,” said Dan Klitsner, co-founder of QiGO.

QiGO technology has already been used with Konami’s online trading-card game, Yu-Gi-Oh, as well as Hasbro’s Net Jet online game system. It has also been licensed to Fisher Price for use in preschool toys that will connect children to gated versions of existing children’s Web sites.

QiGO keys will be available to consumers this fall.

For kids, they have different uses (e.g., the so-called walled garden, where underage children cannot access the Internet but can still play computer games). For adults, it makes possible premium Internet experiences (such as a year subscription to The Wall Street Journal). Could people also use them to access porn sites? Kara asks. “We never thought of that,” Klitsner replies.

Potential users can load the device with photos and visual memorabilia, then offer the QiGO as a gift, for instance. As an early Father’s Day present, Walt got a QiGO with pictures of his sons. Kara also received one with photos of her sons.

QiGO Demo Photos

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