Chairman and CEO, Revolution

Steve Case

Steve Case is the Internet equivalent of Lazarus, building America Online from perpetually challenged start-up to the king of media and technology when it merged with Time Warner at the peak of the Internet’s first (but not the last) bubble in 2001, to its swoon some years later that ended with him leaving the company. That metaphor is apt now with his recent launching of the modestly named Revolution in mid-2005, whose mission is to drive transformative change by building businesses that give people more choice, control and convenience in the real estate/resort, wellness and health-care sectors. Case is also chairman of two nonprofit organizations: the Case Foundation, a private family foundation he established in 1997 with his wife, Jean, and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2), an entrepreneurial approach to funding brain cancer research that he founded in 2001 with his late brother, Dan. Born and raised in Hawaii, he is a major investor in two Hawaii-based businesses, Grove Farm of Kauai and Maui Land and Pineapple Co., which are developing operating models for the agriculture industry and sustainable communities.